Refund Policy

All payments made to the company are non-refundable. If you dont like the results we produce for you, you can simply cancel the subscription and stop paying us further. But so far, none of our clients have cancelled the subscription yet, because they loved the results and so they stay subscribed to continue to produce the results again and again.

Additionally, we don’t ask for your debit or credit card details. If you choose to pay us, you will be doing so through any popular secure payment platforms of your choice such as Google Pay, Paytm, Paypal, Amazon Pay, Stripe, etc. Hence, you can easily cancel the subscription anytime by either choosing not to pay us further, or by cancelling the subscription on your trusted payment platform through which you made the payments.

If an unexpected situation arises in which case we do need to provide you with a refund ourselves, [for example (including but not limited to), if we dont want to pursue building your business because it doesnt align with our core values and beliefs (such as, if your business is related to alcohol or prostitution, or any other type that doesnt align with our principles)], then we will let you know ourselves based on the situation.